brings your file service to the Web.
Web interface screenshot
WebDAV CGI adds a modern Web interface and WebDAV to (existing) file services with file systems like AFS, NFS, CIFS/SMB, EXT, GFS, and so on. It preserves file permissions by using a included setuid/setgid wrapper.
Web interface
  • Basic and form-based authentication
  • file and folder upload via form or drag&drop
  • internationalization and localization (I8N) support
  • user guide (in English yet)
  • a lot of extensions available
  • Filesystems: EXT[3|4], GFS, XFS, ...
  • Network FS: AFS, SMB (+ ADS/Kerberos), NFS
  • DBMS for WebDAV or as FS backend replacement: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQlite, ...
  • CGI with setuid/setgid wrapping to preserve file permissions
  • WebDAV CGI is written in Perl 5, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, BASH
  • ModPerl, Speedy-CGI support for best performance